On Wisconsin

Saturday night. Around 2:00 AM. I am up. In my living room. Watching the Wisconsin game. Mostly because my friend Jennifer (aka Mustard Girl) is in town and she is from Wisconsin, went to Wisconsin, and brought Bucky Badger Bells to Wisconsin. So, yes. Call her a Wisconsin fan.

Good time with a great friend. And a great game. Until the end.

Badgers quarterback Joel Stave was preparing for what would have been a game winning field goal against Arizona State. Stave claims he took a knee, then set the ball down before placing it for the kick, but before he could do that…a Sun Devil defender jumped the ball and layed on it until the clock ran out. Instead of making a call, the officials made a run for the exit. And the game was over.

And then, this happened…

A tweet from the wife of former Wisconsin coach Bret Bielema. The same Bret Bielema who took the head coaching job at Arkansas last December and took off…leaving his players without a coach for the Rose Bowl.

No, honey. That’s not karma. Nice try though. You might want to look up the word karma. And while you’re at it, look up another one…class.

We’ll let you know when karma shows up. But, we probably won’t have to. That’s usually how karma works.

Let us not forget the botched call by the replacement refs that cost the Green Bay Packers a win against the Seahawks last season. As well as the controversial call they had week one of this season against the 49ers.

All this leaves me wondering…why do the officials hate Wisconsin so much? It’s a lovely place. Beautiful country. Nice people.

Football fans who root against Wisconsin teams may find these calls (or lack of) entertaining. But, just wait until Wisconsin secedes from the NFL. And the NCAA. And the USA.

And they take their milk, cheese, beer, and brats with them.

That, Mrs. Bielema, will be karma.