Victoria’s Secret: Women. Love. Football. Pass It On…

As long as I’m on the pink bandwagon…

Victoria has a secret…women love football.  Almost as much as men do.  Women account for an estimated 44% of the NFL fan base.  But no one has to whisper that in Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones’ ear.  He already knows…and he’s capitalizing on it.

Victoria’s Secret opened a new Pink store Monday in Arlington, Texas.  While that in and of itself is not remarkable, the fact that it’s in Cowboy Stadium is.  Yes, The Palace in Dallas is already home to the second most valuable sports franchise and the second largest television screen…in the world.  And it now houses the only Pink stadium store…in the world.

Victoria’s Secret Pink partnered with the NFL and its 32 teams to sell licensed female fan apparel in 2011.  The line has been a huge hit with football loving females who want to represent their team in a stylish and feminine way.

A ribbon cutting (complete with Victoria’s Secret models) was held before the Cowboys hosted the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football this week.  It may have been the only thing Cowboys fans had to celebrate that night.  Quarterback Tony Romo threw five interceptions and the Cowboys were pummeled by the Bears 34-18.  But there were no reports of female fans rushing to return their Cowboys apparel.  They’re in it for the long haul, win or lose.

We don’t know whether Victoria’s Secret plans include other NFL stadiums, but we certainly hope so.  Because there’s only one thing we love more than football…our football team.  Whatever you think about the Cowboys, you have to admit…Jerry Jones is one good business man.  The guy gets it.

And that’s no secret.


Coffee Cup Quarterback | Week 4: The One With the Real Refs

Week 4 of the NFL season welcomed back the regular officials to standing ovations in every stadium.  It was a honeymoon of sorts…into about the second quarter of every game.  Then they were the same old refs we love to hate.  The games went faster though and I’ll take bad or missed calls by someone who knows the rules any day.

There are a few lingering questions this season and week 4 certainly didn’t put them to rest.

The first, “What’s wrong with the New York Jets?”  Or better yet, “What isn’t wrong with the New York Jets?”  They lost their best defensive player, Cornerback Darrelle Revis last week.  This week they lost Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes, arguably their best offensive player.

And they lost Tim Tebow.  He’s not hurt, they just can’t find him.  On the bench.  Seriously, though…what happened to Tebow Time?  You’re losing 34-0 at home.  And getting booed.  That is the secret recipe for Tim Tebow.  That’s where the magic of Tebow Time happens.  Did Rex Ryan not watch the Broncos last year?

It was speculated that with Sanchez’s confidence at an all time low (how is that even possible when you’re dating Eva Longoria?), Jets Coach Rex Ryan doesn’t want to add to the pressure and create a quarterback controversy.  But he does want to win, right?  During the post game press conference on Sunday, Ryan was asked about the Jets’ quarterback situation and replied, “I think Mark’s the answer.”  Alrighty then.  Think is not know though.  And if you’re worried about Sanchez’s feelings, maybe you should have thought about that before you pursued Peyton Manning, then brought in Tim Tebow in the offseason.  Just saying…

Let’s move on to Dallas.  The Cowboys are another team no one can figure out and they also lost badly at home this week.  Yes, five turnovers will do it.  But I’m only putting half of those on Tony Romo.  Dez Bryant gets two.  And they can share one.  Romo is a very good quarterback who needs some more weapons.  But don’t say that word around Dez Bryant.  And don’t even start with the quarterback controversy.  Kyle Orton?  Please.

I am going to go out on a limb here and call a coaching controversy in the Cowboys’ near future.  I like Jason Garrett, but it doesn’t appear to me that he has the control or confidence of his team right now.  You know who does?  Rob Ryan.  In fact, towards the end of the game on Monday night, Ryan had to tell Garrett to challenge a call he wasn’t aware he could challenge.  The only complaint I have about Ryan is he cut his hair and looks a little less badass now.  Anyway, keep an eye on this one.  You heard it here first.

And for depressed Cowboys fans, there is this…

Speaking of quarterbacks on Monday Night Football, who saw Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler blow off his offensive coordinator, Mike Tice on the sideline?  Cutler was on the bench after one of few unsuccessful possessions against the Cowboys and Tice sat down next to him with his clipboard.  Cutler got up and left.  Then walked away from him on the sideline.  I am no Mike Tice fan.  But I am no Jay Cutler fan either.  And don’t give me the whole, he’s just a competitive guy thing.  Being respectful costs nothing.  But being an ass can cost a lot.  I’m not talking about how great Jay Cutler’s arm looked, am I?  See…

So there you have it, week 4.  A coiffed Rob Ryan and a skinny Rex Ryan?  Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the Cowboys and Jets…


Bold Predictions for 2012 NFL Season: Cutler Cracks a Smile, Brady Attempts the Impossible, and Eli Loses Some Weight…

Here we are…the preseason is behind us.  The regular season is before us.  And I have a few bold predictions (ten to be exact) for the 2012 NFL season:

10.  Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler will be more likable as a dad.  I didn’t say he’d be a better quarterback, but I do think fatherhood will soften his edges and make him a little more personable, or at least a little more human.  Hey, that commercial he did for The NFL Store was almost funny.  See?  It’s already working.

9.  On the other hand, fatherhood WILL make Tony Romo a better quarterback for the Cowboys.  He put a lot of pressure on himself (some deservedly) the last few seasons, but now seems happy and settled.  That will translate to the field in confidence, that he has someone to come home to…and it’s not Jessica Simpson.

8.  We will discover that Rex Ryan is a better coach when he’s overweight.  Maybe it’s the diet.  It’s possible he’s a little light-headed these days.  I mean, claiming this is the best Jets team he’s ever coached?  That may be more bold than his pre-preseason Superbowl predictions.  He must be seeing something in practice that we’re not.  Namely…touchdowns.

7.  We will learn why no one wants to coach (or play) in Miami.  If you watched Hard Knocks, you’re already half way there.

6.  We will discover that there was indeed something magical about Peyton Manning’s hands under Jeff Saturday’s butt.  Both will have decent seasons, but neither will be able to replicate what they had together in Indianapolis.  Seeing as they’re both playing in outside stadiums now, that’s mostly warm hands and a warm butt.

5.  Tim Tebow will become the starter for the New York Jets.  I don’t know when, but it will happen.  And when it does, the skies will part, the angels will sing, and Skip Bayless will crown him MVP…all before he completes his first pass (just before halftime).

4.  With the Patriots light on receivers, Tom Brady, upon suffering two Superbowl defeats to Eli Manning, will attempt to do the very thing wife Gisele Bundchen claimed he could not…throw the ball and catch it himself.

3.  Eli Manning will finally prove that he is an elite quarterback after all, and is undoubtedly the best quarterback in the Manning family.  Wait, didn’t he do that last season?  Forget it then.  Eli will find new joy playing for the Giants, without carrying a 230-pound monkey on his back named Peyton.

2.  After two weeks of fumbled calls, Father Goodell will finally open his checkbook and sign the NFL officials to a new contract, just in time for week three.  The replacement refs will miss the call, report to work, and flag the league for too many men on the field.  They will try to reverse the call, but won’t remember what it was.

1.  And for my last bold prediction of the season…Terrell Owens and Chad (Ochocinco) Johnson will fall in love (no, not with each other) and ride off into sunset, never to be heard from again.  I know.  I pushed it too far with that one.  Damn, it was a nice thought though…wasn’t it?

Here’s to the 2012 NFL season.  The clock is down to hours…and they’re ticking away.


Dez Bryant is Grounded

Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant is grounded.  Indefinitely.  He is not allowed to drink alcohol or visit strip clubs.  He has a midnight curfew.  He has agreed to attend two counseling sessions per week and has a rotating three man security detail that is always present, transporting him to approved activities and keeping him from restricted ones.  This, according to

The restrictions are the result of a history of trouble for Desmond Demond Bryant, age 23, the latest of which was a July 16th alleged assault on his 37-year-old mother, Angela.  Yes, do the math…she was very young when she had him and has a history of trouble herself.  When Dez was eight years old, she served eighteen months in prison for dealing crack.  No, not a storybook childhood.  Angela Bryant did not press charges against her son.  The district attorney’s office in Dallas is still reviewing the case.

The so-called “Dez Rules” reportedly came about when Bryant himself reached out for help.  He put together a group of advisors, including two ministers and his attorney, a Texas state senator.  Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, says he supports the player and his new guidelines, which at first he appeared to confirm by stating they were not the strictest rules placed on a player, but he now refuses to acknowledge.

“I’m not going to discuss any of the rules, because that implies that there are a certain set of rules. I don’t know that that’s correct, either.”

 Whatever, Jerry.

As the team’s top draft pick in 2010 (24th overall), Bryant is clearly a big investment for the Cowboys.  He is a talented player with a bright future…if he can keep himself out of trouble.  With a curfew, no drinking, and no strip clubs, that shouldn’t be too difficult.  Especially with his personal security team (who Bryant is paying out of his personal pocket).

At some point, the “Dez Rules” will either be lifted…when Bryant proves he can police himself, or become permanent…when he gets married.  We won’t talk about the third option…and neither will Jerry.