Politics as usual in Washington?

President Obama with the First Dog, Bo

You know what they say, “If you want a friend in Washington…get a dog.”

That’s good advice, whether your game is politics or football. Just ask President Obama. Or Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, who may have been caught up in political crossfire when he was benched this week for the season by head coach Mike Shanahan.

Shanahan claims he was motivated by concern for Griffin’s health. RGIII has been hit repeatedly each week and his performance has been nothing short of disappointing. The second overall pick in the 2012 draft, Griffin missed the entire offseason last year while recovering from knee surgery. The 2014 offseason would be the first in its entirety for RGIII to spend working with the playbook and his receivers. And Shanahan says that time is too valuable to risk.

Rational? Maybe.

But then, consider this…

A story circulated earlier this week claims Mike Shanahan wants out of Washington. That he almost quit at the end of last season. That he’s fed up with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder’s preferential treatment of his star quarterback. And that he’s interested in the Houston Texans head coaching job.

So, where was the concern for RGIII’s health last year, during the playoff game against the Seahawks? When Griffin was limping and obviously injured, before suffering that final devastating blow to his right knee?

Shanahan was loudly criticized for keeping Griffin in the game. At the time, he defended his decision-making, saying RGIII was cleared to go back in (a claim Dr. James Andrews denied). And that even hurt, the quarterback gave the Redskins the best possible chance to win.

And now? Mike Shanahan says he made the wrong decision. That he should have held Griffin out. That in retrospect, he wasn’t effective. And that he regrets it.

Shanahan won’t have to worry about the playoffs this year. At 3-10, the Redskins are in last place in the NFC East. A healthy Robert Griffin III will watch backup quarterback Kirk Cousins lead the Redskins through the remaining three games and into the offseason. What that offseason looks like for the Washington Redskins is anyone’s guess.

Money and politics make the world go round. That’s true of Washington, D.C. And the Washington Redskins.

(Photo: terezowens.com)

Sometimes, the only friends you have are the ones you buy.

Dan Snyder with Mike Shanahan  (Photo: nfl.si.com)

Redskins owner Dan Snyder with Mike Shanahan
(Photo: nfl.si.com)

And sometimes, not even then.


Sharks in Dolphins’ clothing?

Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin (Photo: Allen Eyestone/Palm Beach Post)

Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin
(Photo: Allen Eyestone/Palm Beach Post)

Wow. Am I disappointed.

I don’t claim to know a lot about what goes on in NFL locker rooms. And I don’t really care to. But, the last time I checked, these players were adults. And professionals. Who are paid large sums of money to play a game that is largely supported by the public.

The NFL puts a huge emphasis on its image and holds players and teams accountable to do the same.

So, when the story came out about Miami Dolphins offensive lineman Jonathan Martin, who left the team this week after incessant bullying and hazing, I had very little tolerance.

This is a guy who went to Stanford. Who was a second round draft pick in 2012. And who is starting just his second season in the NFL. Emotional issues aside, he needed support from his team. And he didn’t get it.

With all the young kids we hear about facing cruel and abusive behavior on a daily basis, we as adults have a moral obligation to step in. Professional athletes, who are in a visible position, have a moral obligation to set an example. To show this is unacceptable behavior at any age.

The Dolphins players, coaches, and management allowed the bullying of one of their own, for an extended period of time. And that goes beyond disappointment for me.

With power comes responsibility. The Dolphins failed that responsibility. To their team. To their league. To their fans. And more than anything…to their player.

Martin had to leave the team to get help. But in doing so, he may have helped himself and others with a problem that goes far beyond the Dolphins facility.

Some things are bigger than football. People are bigger than football. Jonathan Martin is bigger than football.

And Jonathan Martin deserved better.

Bullying can’t be tolerated. Not in schools. Not in sports. And certainly not in the NFL.

The Miami Dolphins dropped the ball, so to speak. They need to practice becoming winners where it matters most…off the field.

In real life.

Where they can make a real difference.

But, charity starts at home.

And the Dolphins need to start in their own locker room.


Dear Kim Kardashian, You’re doing it wrong…

Kim Kardashian  (Photo: NY Daily News)

Kim Kardashian
(Photo: NY Daily News)

Dear Kim Kardashian,

You’re supposed to be happy. You say you’re happy. But you look miserable. I want to help you. And the only way I can help you is to tell you.

This whole pregnancy dressing thing…you’re doing it wrong.

You fired back at your critics this week saying, “I’m not fat. I’m pregnant.” We know, honey. The real question is…do you?

Tight dresses, tailored suits, stiletto heels. You say you’re excited about your pregnancy, but you’re dressing like you’re in denial. I feel challenged in four inch heels…and I’m not carrying another human inside of me.

Relax. Put on something soft, something that gives, and maybe breathes a little. You’ll feel better and so will we. I’m uncomfortable just looking at you right now. And if you want some height, platforms or wedges are your friends. At least for now.

We don’t care what your body looks like. We’d just rather not see it, or see so much of it. Hell, pull a Jessica Simpson and put on 100 pounds. But loosen up. Be happy. And don’t take yourself so seriously. Life is not a fashion show.

When you’re more comfortable, we’ll be more comfortable. And pretty soon, you’ll be just another pregnant lady. Or, is that what you’re afraid of?

And one more thing, whatever you do…do not name that child North. North West.

That’s just krazy.


Dennis Rodman: U.S. Ambassador to North Korea

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung Un  (Photo: Associated Press)

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un
(Photo: Associated Press)

I wasn’t aware that President Obama had appointed an ambassador to North Korea. Nor was I aware that it was former Chicago Bulls player and Carmen Electra spouse Dennis Rodman. Must be that Chicago mafia thing.

Dennis Rodman. Representing America. In North Korea. Sounds perfect. For a Hollywood movie script.

In real life…not so much. But that’s what happened. Rodman went to North Korea with members of the Harlem Globetrotters and met with Kim Jong Un, who had a message for President Obama. “Call me maybe.” Baby.

And then this happened…George Stephanopoulos interviewed Rodman on ABC’s This Week, as if he was actually a foreign policy minister. When in reality, even his jacket is cause for an international incident.

Rodman on ABC's This Week (Photo: ABC)

Rodman on ABC’s This Week
(Photo: ABC)

I have just one message for the other countries of the world: Yes. Dennis Rodman is an American (who else would claim him?). But no. He does not. Represent us. In any way.

Thank you.

And God help us.


Dear Taylor Swift, You need to stop. Now.

Taylor Swift (Photo: E!)

Taylor Swift
(Photo: E!)

Dear Taylor Swift,

There’s something I need to tell you…because apparently, no one else in your life will. You really need to stop. Now. You are embarrassing yourself and you are becoming a cliché.

I caught a recap of your Grammys performance. You were imitating your ex-boyfriend saying he still loves you (in a bad British accent). You responded that you were busy getting ready to open the Grammys. And that you were…Never Ever Getting Back Together.

We’ve all been there, honey. We’ve all been the stupid girl. We’ve all made mistakes. The difference is…we didn’t broadcast them for the world to see. You’ve made a career out of writing about your breakups. They sell records. But…at what price? Because some day, you are going to look back on this and cringe.

What you are experiencing is life as a 23-year-old. You are dating, hooking up, breaking up, and making up. Because that’s what you do…when you’re 23. And there’s a reason you haven’t met “The One.” Because, again…you’re 23. And you’re not ready. Even if you think you are. You need to make more mistakes. Fall down. Pick yourself up. Dust yourself off. And do it about a dozen more times.

Every time you do, you get closer to finding out who you really are. And until you do that, no one else will ever make you happy.

In the meantime, not dating Kennedys, members of boy bands, and other 20-year-olds is a good start. This time, try a real man. Maybe…a football player.

Here are some suggestions:

  1. Tim Tebow
  2. Mark Sanchez
  3. Clay Matthews
  4. Cam Newton
  5. Coby Fleener

And when it doesn’t work out, try something new. Walk away. Hold your head high. And say…nothing.