Crushing…On Adrian Peterson

Minnesota Vikings Running Back Adrian Peterson

This week’s Crushing comes by request…and I am happy to take requests!

Adrian Peterson…those eyes, those abs, those yards!  And why is everyone complaining about those white pants?  They look pretty good on AP.

How do we fantasize about Adrian Peterson?  Let us count the ways…we fantasize about him on our fantasy team with those points he racks up every week.  We fantasize about him on our real team…with those rushing yards, those touchdowns, those missed tackles.  And of course, we just plain fantasize.  I’ll leave that to you…

The Minnesota Vikings running back returned this season after tearing his ACL and MCL in his left knee on December 24, 2011.  He underwent surgery and was questionable for the start of the 2012 season, but in true AP style, he was rocked and ready on opening day.  The first game of the season, Peterson had 84 yards and two touchdowns against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  He also passed Robert Smith to become the Vikings’ all time leading rusher.

Yes, all that and a quick healer too.  Adrian Peterson with his strength, speed, and stamina, coupled with his quick recovery time leads some to question whether he’s superhuman.  He’s super hot, super sexy, and super good.  That makes him a superhero in our book.

And although we know him as “AP,” Adrian Peterson has another nickname.  It’s “AD,” for All Day.

I’ll leave that to you too…


(You’re welcome, Jill.)

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