We’re crushing: On Vernon Davis

Vernon Davis, as featured in ESPN's Bodies issue.

Vernon Davis, as featured in ESPN’s Body issue 2013.

Vernon Davis is hot. I’ve been meaning to write about the tight end for the San Francisco 49ers (and his tight end) ever since ESPN featured him in its 2013 Body issue.

Nicknamed “Duke” after his father, he is more commonly known as “The Duke.” And rightfully so. Davis caught his 50th career touchdown against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, moving him into fourth place in the 49ers records book.

Yes, Vernon Davis is super. Maybe even superhuman. He was a sprinter in college and can leap over large humans (which he did on Sunday) and probably tall buildings too. But, even Superman has his kryptonite.

Davis was rendered powerless on Sunday when Rams safety T.J. McDonald brought him down by his…member. And tried to dismembered him.

“I kept telling him, ‘Let go, get off me, get off me,’ and he wouldn’t let me go.”                       -49ers tight end Vernon Davis

Talk about a low blow.

Davis appeared to recover a few minutes later. But, he doesn’t appear ready to forgive or forget. On Monday, Davis tweeted a proposal to the NFL to ban such tactless tackles.

(Photo: Fox Sports/Laces Out)

He deleted the tweet shortly after. And the NFL has not addressed the topic (at least publicly). So, in the meantime, Davis may want to add some extra protection when leaping both buildings and humans.

Vernon Davis is well on his way to football royalty.

But, please…keep your hands off the family jewels.

Lest “The Duke” will have you beheaded.


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