Crushing: Tim Tebow Pushes a Tire. Shirtless.

First, we had Tim Tebow in his shirtless touchdown Jesus pose.  Then, we had Tim Tebow shirtless, running in the rain at Jets camp.  And now, we have Tim Tebow pushing a giant tire, you guessed it…shirtless.  And why not?  When you look this good, you should really never be photographed with your shirt ON.

Famed photographer Annie Leibovitz captured the latest images for the October issue of Vogue, in a story entitled, Superman Returns.  In it, Tebow talks about adjusting to life in New York (it intimidates him), the kind of woman he’s looking for (one like his mama), and of course…the New York Jets.

I know, I know.  The last Crushing column I did was also on Tim Tebow.  And I don’t want to show a Tebow bias…who me?  So, I promise…the next football player who shows up in this column will not be Tim Tebow.  Unless he does something else amazing without a shirt on.

Now excuse me, while I go look for an old tire that needs moving.  Tim…


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