Dennis Rodman: U.S. Ambassador to North Korea

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jung Un  (Photo: Associated Press)

Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un
(Photo: Associated Press)

I wasn’t aware that President Obama had appointed an ambassador to North Korea. Nor was I aware that it was former Chicago Bulls player and Carmen Electra spouse Dennis Rodman. Must be that Chicago mafia thing.

Dennis Rodman. Representing America. In North Korea. Sounds perfect. For a Hollywood movie script.

In real life…not so much. But that’s what happened. Rodman went to North Korea with members of the Harlem Globetrotters and met with Kim Jong Un, who had a message for President Obama. “Call me maybe.” Baby.

And then this happened…George Stephanopoulos interviewed Rodman on ABC’s This Week, as if he was actually a foreign policy minister. When in reality, even his jacket is cause for an international incident.

Rodman on ABC's This Week (Photo: ABC)

Rodman on ABC’s This Week
(Photo: ABC)

I have just one message for the other countries of the world: Yes. Dennis Rodman is an American (who else would claim him?). But no. He does not. Represent us. In any way.

Thank you.

And God help us.


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