Dez Bryant is Grounded

Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Dez Bryant is grounded.  Indefinitely.  He is not allowed to drink alcohol or visit strip clubs.  He has a midnight curfew.  He has agreed to attend two counseling sessions per week and has a rotating three man security detail that is always present, transporting him to approved activities and keeping him from restricted ones.  This, according to

The restrictions are the result of a history of trouble for Desmond Demond Bryant, age 23, the latest of which was a July 16th alleged assault on his 37-year-old mother, Angela.  Yes, do the math…she was very young when she had him and has a history of trouble herself.  When Dez was eight years old, she served eighteen months in prison for dealing crack.  No, not a storybook childhood.  Angela Bryant did not press charges against her son.  The district attorney’s office in Dallas is still reviewing the case.

The so-called “Dez Rules” reportedly came about when Bryant himself reached out for help.  He put together a group of advisors, including two ministers and his attorney, a Texas state senator.  Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones, says he supports the player and his new guidelines, which at first he appeared to confirm by stating they were not the strictest rules placed on a player, but he now refuses to acknowledge.

“I’m not going to discuss any of the rules, because that implies that there are a certain set of rules. I don’t know that that’s correct, either.”

 Whatever, Jerry.

As the team’s top draft pick in 2010 (24th overall), Bryant is clearly a big investment for the Cowboys.  He is a talented player with a bright future…if he can keep himself out of trouble.  With a curfew, no drinking, and no strip clubs, that shouldn’t be too difficult.  Especially with his personal security team (who Bryant is paying out of his personal pocket).

At some point, the “Dez Rules” will either be lifted…when Bryant proves he can police himself, or become permanent…when he gets married.  We won’t talk about the third option…and neither will Jerry.