Even God wants Tebow to be a Jaguar

Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow on the Sideline with Coach Rex Ryan

Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow on the Sideline with Coach Rex Ryan

Dear Tim,

God gave us free will for a reason. We are defined by our choices. Like when the Broncos cut you last season, you had a choice…you could either go to the Jaguars or go to the Jets. You chose the bright lights of New York. You chose wrong.

All the signs pointed to Jacksonville. There was no starting quarterback for the Jaguars. You grew up outside of Jacksonville. You went to college at Florida, near Jacksonville and developed a cult-like following there. The Jaguars couldn’t fill their stadium. Your fans could trigger an immediate waiting list for season tickets. What did you want Him to do? Strike you with lightning? Part the East River?

Instead, you chose the Jets. And you suffered a fate worse than Hell. Your new team struggled, stumbled, and butt fumbled. All the while, you were forced to watch from the sideline. You had to sit on your magical powers while watching your team find new ways to lose each week. Eventually, the media stopped believing, the fans stopped believing, and the Jets stopped believing. Even Fireman Ed gave up on the Jets. If ever there was a time for divine intervention…but still, you weren’t given a chance.

The good news is…you may get an opportunity to make it right. Because unlike Rex Ryan…God does believe in second chances. And this time, I hope you choose right. Or I wouldn’t try running shirtless in the rain again. Cameras or no cameras.

You think it was bad at the Jets? Try playing quarterback for the Cardinals.

Good luck and God bless.

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