It’s Official…We’re Crushing: On Ed Hochuli

I have to admit, I never thought we would be crushing on an NFL referee.  But then again, I never thought we would be so happy to see one!

Yes, it’s official…the official NFL officials are back!  And not a moment too soon.

And by all accounts, Ed Hochuli is the most famous of the NFL officials.  But that’s not all he’s known for.  When he’s not on the field, he represents clients as a trial attorney at Jones, Skelton, and Hochuli in Phoenix, Arizona.  Hochuli has also served as the head of the NFL Referees Association.

The thing Ed Hochuli is most famous for is his biceps.  In fact, his guns earned him the nickname “Hochules.”  God knows, Ed had some extra time on his hands with the extended offseason.  And it’s safe to assume he probably spent at least some of it in the gym.  So, “Hochules” will probably emerge from the lockout with bigger biceps and a bigger wallet!  Get your tickets…the gun show is back this week!

Yes…over the last three weeks, we missed seeing Ed Hochuli with his guns in the air.  But we also missed his eyes, ears, and lips on that whistle…as well as his extensive knowledge of the game.  Hochuli played college football for the University of Texas El Paso and has over twenty years of experience as an NFL referee.

But as they say, the most important aspect in any relationship is trust.  And we trust Ed Hochuli as the keeper of the game we love.

Hochules is our hero.

It’s official!



  1. Susan Hill says:

    I know I’m partial, but God I enjoy reading your blog every day! You must have gotten all your talent from your Mother!

    Till next time
    I love you,

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