Letter from the Baltimore Ravens to the Orioles

Dear Baltimore Orioles,

We don’t know if you noticed, but a few months ago your city’s football team went to New Orleans to play the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XLVII. And you know what? They won! And that’s kind of a big deal. You remember what that was like…back when you last won a world championship. In 1983.

Well, one of the honors the NFL grants the Super Bowl winning team is a home opener to kick off the NFL season with a tailgating party for fans. The NFL is having problems scheduling this event on September 5th, because the Orioles have a game at the same time which utilizes some of the same facilities.

One solution was to ask the Orioles to move their game up to accommodate the NFL World Champions and their fans. By the way, these are the same fans who packed the stadium all season, rallied around the team and the players, and stood outside in freezing temperatures for hours to welcome them home with the Lombardi Trophy.

We know you will work with the NFL, the Ravens, and the City of Baltimore to make this celebration possible for the team and the fans. Because, we would venture to guess…some of the fans of the Baltimore Ravens also support the Baltimore Orioles.

Give the Ravens their day. Give the fans their day. They’ve earned it and they deserve it. Also, people like football better than baseball.

And retired or not…we wouldn’t want Ray Lewis on our bad side.

Just saying.

The Baltimore Ravens




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