Love Triangle

There’s a strange love triangle forming in Florham Park, New Jersey.  I’m obsessed with it and can’t wait to see how it pans out this fall.  I’m not talking about the Real Housewives of New Jersey.  I’m talking about Rex Ryan…and his two quarterbacks.  And it almost was the RHONJ, but the Jets wisely passed on the HBO documentary Hard Knocks for this season.  They must have decided they want to keep some things in house.  Or Rex Ryan got camera shy.  Not likely, especially now.  The newly slim coach looks like he’s ready for his Hollywood close up, having lost a reported 90 pounds in the offseason.

My fascination with the Jets started early in the offseason, when they were very vocal about their interest in signing Peyton Manning, who was likely to be released by the Colts (and just in case you’ve been occupying a park or living under a bridge, he was).  During this time, it was widely reported that the Jets were shopping their young(ish) starting quarterback Mark Sanchez on the open market.  Manning told the Jets he wasn’t interested and they proceeded to immediately sign Sanchez to a three year extension on his two year contract, totaling almost $60 million.  Just when the fans were convinced this was a vote of confidence in Sanchez, the Jets trade the Broncos for the guy Peyton Manning replaced…Tim Tebow.  Wow!  I am more decisive in the Nordstrom shoe department.

And now the real drama begins…

Early reports are that the Jets are impressed with Tebow, that he and Sanchez are BFFs, and the players so far are charmed.  One guy who’s definitely charmed, Cornerback Darrelle Revis.  Revis downright gushes about Tebow and his character, “Some people have it, some guys don’t.  It’s the passion within, wanting to be a leader, wanting to win.  You see it all the time, eating lunch, walking down the hallway.  You see it.”  Tebow impresses Revis eating lunch?  What the hell is he eating?  Communion wafers?  Apparently so.  Linebacker Bart Scott has taken to calling him “Baby Jesus” and made headlines this week when he asked Tebow to baptize him while soaking in the cold tub after practice.

So it’s safe to say, Tebowmania has hit New Jersey.  Or at least the Jets locker room.  And so far it’s one big love fest.  But what do all these budding bromances mean for Mark Sanchez?  Wait until training camp opens.  And have your popcorn ready.

Take one…


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