Mark Sanchez: Pants on the ground

You’re coming off the worst season of your professional career. Your team just drafted a new quarterback. And your coach called your performance during minicamp a “disappointment.”

So, how does New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez choose to spend the summer?

Disclosure: the following photo may be inappropriate for some readers.

Looks like Mark Sanchez fumbled his pants

Looks like Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez fumbled his pants

Partying. With his pants down.

The video was posted on the The Vine by one of Sanchez’s two females guests, but it has since been removed. Good thing someone took this screen shot.

There isn’t much more to say, except…at least it wasn’t Rex Ryan.

And Mark has a cute bun…

In his hair.



  1. Alice Kelly says:

    My mother always said if you have nothing nice to say about
    someone you should not say anything at all. It isn’t the best
    judgment to do, but it is his life and no onr pays this mans bills but himself. Chill out people it is all about money for these people that tape this man. What he does in private should stay private but there is always someone looking to make money off of bad judgment. He is young and is living his life at least he is not being charged for murder.
    not a killer like some of the players are charged with. Give him
    a break leave him alone and grow up people.

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