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Jets Coach Rex Ryan Sunbathing in the Bahamas

Rex Ryan. The Bahamas. A tattoo. A photographer. Social media. This is what twitter was made for. Thank you, God.

Yes, that is a tattoo on Jets Coach Rex Ryan’s arm…of what appears to be his wife, Michelle, wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey (and nothing else). She also appears to be Tebowing.

ESPN (Mike & Mike)

Closeup of Ryan’s Ink

What more is there to say? This pretty much answers any lingering questions I had about the Jets season and Ryan’s decision making at quarterback. Wonder if Tim Tebow knows about this. He certainly does now!

There are questions regarding the tattoo and its authenticity. But even if it’s temporary, I still have the same question…why?

ESPN writer Jane McManus had quite possibly the best reaction to this morning’s story.

If it didn’t qualify before, this now throws the Jets into full-fledged circus mode. Ryan is ridiculous and clearly part of (if not all of) the reason no one can take this team seriously.

I never thought seeing Rex Ryan shirtless could bring me this much pleasure. Well, maybe pleasure is a bad choice of word. Entertainment is better.

I couldn’t write this stuff. Thankfully, I can write about it.

Stay classy, Rex. Stay classy.