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If you know me, you know one thing about me.  I love football.  Really.  Love.  Football.

Why do I love football so much?  A sport with no female equivalent whatsoever?  I have been asked this question time and time again.  This is my best attempt to answer it.

Football started for me watching the Vikings with my dad on Sundays.  My mom would check in and out.  My two younger sisters had little interest in the game, so it really became a way for me to relax and bond with my dad before another busy week started for all of us.  I also remember driving into school with him in the mornings listening to the KQRS morning show where they were either celebrating a win or lamenting the latest Vikings loss (usually the latter).  And it always made him laugh.  A good way to start the day and the week.  Football.

I followed the Vikings throughout college and my early adult life, which proved to be pretty disappointing, especially in December.  But it always gave me something to talk to my dad about.  On the phone, during visits home, and of course over the holidays.  Thanksgiving always played out around a game.  And at some point, my mom would get mad and tell us to turn it off until after we ate.  It was a scene that played out in many, if not most American households, but felt unique to us.  Afterwards we would lay around, digest, and enjoy the games.  Football.

My life eventually brought me to Indianapolis, where I bonded with my future husband and stepchildren while watching…you guessed it.  Football.  I literally fell in love with my  husband, the City of Indianapolis, and the Colts while watching Peyton Manning throw that pigskin ball around the RCA Dome.  Over the next five years we rarely missed a Colts home game.  I turned my mom into a Colts fan.  We watched our team win the AFC Championship twice and the Superbowl.  Those will always be some of my most special memories.  Football.

So, football for me started out as a way to bond with the males in my life and has since transformed into many of my female relationships as well.  I know there are other women out there like me.  And I know there are more who may be interested in football, just not obsessed.  And…there are those who aren’t really interested at all.  I would like to connect with some of them, influence a few of them, and share my love of football with all of them.

So…I started a blog.

Thank you to my dad for introducing me to a sport that I would never play, but would still have a huge influence on my life.  Thank you to my mom for becoming a Colts fan as well as my design consultant for Pigskin ‘N Pearls.  Thank you to my talented sister Jennifer for doing the design and artwork for Pigskin ‘N Pearls.  It is still a work in progress (yes, Mom, we will make the heel higher), but I am already in love with what you have done for me!  Thank you to my baby sister, Summer, for finally becoming a football fan!  Okay, that hasn’t really happened yet.  But I expect it will and am encouraged by your recent interest in the Golden Gophers.  I don’t care what kind of football it is!  And thank you to my wonderful husband Michael, for giving me a real football team to love.  Just kidding, Vikings fans! 😉  Actually, I need to thank the Minnesota Vikings as well.  It was as a Vikings fan that I learned to love my team, win or lose.  I don’t know if I would have survived the last Colts season without that.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I love this! I grew up sitting next to my dad watching Viking games too. However, I turned to the “dark side” when I became a huge Packers fan almost 20 years ago, based on my sister living in Wisconsin and influencing me, and well, Brett Favre. When he left, I clearly realized it was the team I loved, not the player. I absolutely love football and being a Packers fan! Can’t wait for you to come to see our wedding (to my Vikings fiance) at the hallowed ground of Lambeau in July and then for us to visit you for the Pack/Colts game in Oct. I do hope the Vikings stadium deal goes through – can’t imagine them leaving. Otherwise, GO PACK GO! Love you Heath!

  2. Susan Hill says:

    You go girl!
    Please you are giving me too much credit but I’ll take it anyways. I have to thank you for giving us a bond I never thought back when you were young we would ever have. The Colts football team changed my life. It gave me a whole new way of looking at a Sunday afternoon or an occasion Monday night. I fell in love with Peyton Manning like no other! And of course then on to Eli! Now the whole Manning family is in the spotlight for me! So Heather, to you I give a big thanks for all it has done for me, from conversations with men I’ve never had before and of course a few more arguments along the way. Keep up the good work and to all of you Colts fans out there, you are lucky to have her on your team!

    Your loving Mother

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