Dear Dez Bryant, There is something Calvin Johnson can do better…

Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant airs it out on the sideline (Photo:

Wide receiver Dez Bryant airs it out on the Cowboys’ sideline

Dear Dez Bryant,

You are a talented player. And football is a competitive game.

Fairly or unfairly, much was made of your comment about Calvin Johnson last week. You were asked what the Detroit Lions wide receiver does better than you. You responded, “I believe I can do whatever he can do.”

Fair enough.

Then came Sunday’s game between the Cowboys and Lions.

You had a few catches, one of them incredible. And a touchdown. Along with some huge temper tantrums on the Cowboys’ sideline.

And while you were making drama, Calvin Johnson was making plays.

By the end of the game, Calvin Johnson had one of the best days a receiver has ever had. In NFL history.

Maybe next time you play Calvin Johnson, you should do something else from the sideline…and watch him.

You just might learn something.

Because, there is one thing Calvin Johnson is better at. Keeping his mouth shut. And catching the ball (guess that’s two things).

So, if you can do whatever Calvin can do…

Then…just do it.