We’re crushing: on Brandon Marshall

Bears stylemaster Brandon Marshall. (Photo: @cjzero)

Bears stylemaster Brandon Marshall
(Photo: @cjzero)

The evening belonged to Coach Ditka. But Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall certainly stole the spotlight when he showed up for the Bears’ Monday Night Football game at Soldier Field.

Known for his swag, both on the field and off, Marshall has already established himself as an NFL style icon. But on Monday night…he broke the swag meter.

(Photo: @BuzzFeedSports)

(Photo: @BuzzFeedSports)

Marshall was absolutely styling in a red double-breasted coat with a “turnt up” collar, complete with dress shirt, bow tie, matching gloves, and specs.

And he didn’t disappoint on the field either. Marshall had with six catches for 100 yards in the Bears’ 45-28 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

With game time temperatures hovering around 15 degrees (and below zero with windchill), Marshall proved no match for the Cowboys or the elements.

The colder it is…the hotter he gets.

Brandon Marshall. Swagmaster.