Crushing: On Matt Barkley


With the draft, comes a new batch of NFL players. From coeds to pros literally overnight, these rookies are thrust into the national spotlight without so much as a pair of sunglasses. Some are blinded by the light. While others seem born to bask in the glow…

Hellooooo, Matt Barkley.

Eagles QB Matt Barkley (Photo: NFL)

Eagles QB Matt Barkley
(Photo: NFL)

Barkley is a true California boy. Raised in Irvine and Newport Beach, (with golden hair and skin to match) Barkley shocked the football world when he announced his decision in 2011 to return to the University of Southern California for his senior year. Diploma in hand, he graduated this spring and was drafted by the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL draft, the 98th pick overall.

As far back as high school, Barkley was considered a future number one draft pick. Speculation is that a less than stellar senior year and late season shoulder injury caused his stock to fall.

He did show progress in one area though. The golden boy…is now a man. And he’s going to need every bit of his manhood to compete for the starting position in training camp. Barkley currently shares roster space with Eagles quarterbacks Michael Vick and Nick Foles.



A decorated high school and college player, Barkley won every award imaginable, among them…Gatorade Player of the Year, the Joe Montana Award, and the Wuerffel Trophy.¬†And he didn’t achieve that without a competitive edge.

So, don’t let the golden boy image fool you. You may get lost in those sparkly eyes, but when the lights come on…Matt Barkley will be ready to shine!

The future is bright.

And so is his smile.