Victoria’s Secret: Women. Love. Football. Pass It On…

As long as I’m on the pink bandwagon…

Victoria has a secret…women love football.  Almost as much as men do.  Women account for an estimated 44% of the NFL fan base.  But no one has to whisper that in Dallas Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones’ ear.  He already knows…and he’s capitalizing on it.

Victoria’s Secret opened a new Pink store Monday in Arlington, Texas.  While that in and of itself is not remarkable, the fact that it’s in Cowboy Stadium is.  Yes, The Palace in Dallas is already home to the second most valuable sports franchise and the second largest television screen…in the world.  And it now houses the only Pink stadium store…in the world.

Victoria’s Secret Pink partnered with the NFL and its 32 teams to sell licensed female fan apparel in 2011.  The line has been a huge hit with football loving females who want to represent their team in a stylish and feminine way.

A ribbon cutting (complete with Victoria’s Secret models) was held before the Cowboys hosted the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football this week.  It may have been the only thing Cowboys fans had to celebrate that night.  Quarterback Tony Romo threw five interceptions and the Cowboys were pummeled by the Bears 34-18.  But there were no reports of female fans rushing to return their Cowboys apparel.  They’re in it for the long haul, win or lose.

We don’t know whether Victoria’s Secret plans include other NFL stadiums, but we certainly hope so.  Because there’s only one thing we love more than football…our football team.  Whatever you think about the Cowboys, you have to admit…Jerry Jones is one good business man.  The guy gets it.

And that’s no secret.


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