Ode to the Bowl Championship Series

The final touchdown of the BCS era. (Photo: )

The final touchdown of the BCS era.
(Photo: BenLiebenberg/NFL)

You were much maligned, often chided, and the source of never-ending controversy.

There was always someone left out, someone undeserving, and someone who just plain choked.

We took our frustration out on the only thing that would tolerate it. You.

But what no one wants to say is that much of the time, the system got it right. You got it right. Exactly right. Even if we didn’t like it.

The Bowl Championship Series played its last National Championship game at the Rose Bowl Stadium on Monday night. And interestingly enough, the game mirrored your tarnished legacy.

When the number two Auburn Tigers took the field against the top-ranked Florida State Seminoles, at first it looked lopsided. Like the Tigers were going to run the Seminoles out of Pasadena. And eat their pretty horse for dinner.

But slowly, the tide changed. (Yes, every National Championship story needs an Alabama reference.) And the Seminoles showed us who they were…the team you knew them to be all along. And they emerged victorious. The last National Champions of the BCS era.

You weren’t perfect. But you weren’t a disaster either.

In the end, you were just misunderstood.

We’re not sure what’s next for us. All we know is…we think we’ll like it more than you.

And, we have a year to figure it out.

Thanks for the football. Thanks for the debate. And thanks for the memories of a perfectly imperfect era.

We’ll think of you when the sun rises on a new era of college football…

And we decide we hate it every bit as much as we hated you.

Rest in peace, Bowl Championship Series.