Johnny Manziel’s 21st birthday: 21 things to ponder

Johnny Manziel (aka Johnny Football) lights it up. (Photo: TMZ)

Johnny Manziel (aka Johnny Football) lights it up.
(Photo: TMZ)

On Friday, the most celebrated vilified controversial quarterback in college football has a birthday. But, this isn’t just any birthday. This is the 21st birthday of Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel.

So many questions…but I narrowed it down to 21. Consider this my gift to you.

  1. How did God let “Johnny Football” turn 21 on a Friday?
  2. Where will this celebration occur?
  3. How could it not be Vegas?
  4. Will they shut down the strip?
  5. Will it last a day? A week? A month?
  6. Has extra security been brought in?
  7. Have extra bathrooms been brought in?
  8. Has extra booze been brought in?
  9. Who will be there?
  10. Forget it. Who won’t be there?
  11. Will Archie Manning have a talk with him before he goes out?
  12. Will he bring his Heisman Trophy?
  13. Will he wear his Tim Tebow jersey?
  14. How many body parts will he sign?
  15. Will he get paid for signing said parts?
  16. Will he get parking tickets?
  17. Will he make the cash sign and “make it rain” at midnight?
  18. Are there movie rights?
  19. Will he pull a Greg Brady and insist he be called Johnny Bravo all night? (Credit to my Mother on that one.)
  20. Will AJ McCarron be responsible for getting him up the next morning?
  21. How has he been partying in clubs for the last two years?

So many more questions…guess we’ll just have to wait for the pictures. And the movie.

Happy birthday, Johnny Manziel! Be safe. And don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.

Or, in your case…stay home.