The NFL Held a Moment of Silence Around the League for Victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School

There are days in our country that shake us to our core. Friday was one of those days. It feels like it will be different from here on. Like our world will be defined by before the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting and after. It’s like September 11th in that way, only with one difference…this time, it was our people.

This time, we can’t point our fingers at the bad guys in far away lands. We can’t comfort ourselves by blaming it on their religion or their skin color. This was a born and bred American that carried out such horror on our most innocent victims.

Today is my birthday. My nieces and nephews all called to wish me happy birthday this morning. Listening to their cheery voices and giddy happiness choked me up immediately. I got off the phone with them and bawled. They have no idea how it feels for their parents who are dropping them off or walking them to the bus stop this morning. And hopefully they never will.

I know their schools and have met their teachers. I know they would go to heroic means to keep them safe. Just like the teachers and staff at Sandy Hook. And I know my sisters feel the same way. But that only comforts us so much.

We can’t guarantee our children’s safety. Not even at school. Maybe it was always this way…but now we know.

So what do we do? The only thing we can do. We have no choice but to carry on, go about our lives, get ready for the holidays, and do so knowing that the vast majority of society is good. And that good will prevail. It always does.

So on this, the 17th of December and my birthday…this is what I ask of you. Keep calm. Carry on. And be good, people.

Just be good.