Name Game

Here we go again.  The NFL player formerly known as Chad Ochocinco is officially Chad Johnson once again.  Johnson filed paperwork in Broward County court yesterday to return to his legal given name, after using Ochocinco (his number 85 in spanish) for the last four years.  It didn’t come as a complete surprise either.  Though he did take some by surprise.  George Atallah of the NFL Players Association tweeted the following yesterday:

Johnson was married July 4th to reality TV star Evelyn Lozada and had stated that he may change his name back so his new bride doesn’t have to take Evelyn Ochocinco as her legal name.  And who says chivalry is dead?  The more likely scenario…she flat out refused.  And who could blame her?

Johnson has returned home to Miami, where he will play for the Dolphins this season in a Johnson 85 jersey.  He was released by the New England Patriots earlier this year after an overall unproductive season.  Prior to playing for the Patriots, Johnson was a six-time Pro Bowl player for the Cincinnati Bengals.

Truth be told, he was a lot more productive as Chad Johnson.  Although he claims he made the change for love, Johnson told ESPN yesterday, “I’m refocused and locked in. Time to get back to the old me.”  And the old name, apparently.  Johnson changed the name on his Twitter account, but has kept the handle @Ochocinco.

I think for now I’ll just call him Chad.



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  1. JZ says:

    What’s worse is — “Ochocinco” isn’t even the right way to say “eighty-five” in Spanish! It should be Ochenta y cinco — “Eighty and five”; “Ocho Cinco” is essentially “Eight Five”. Maybe his new bride rebuffed his idea since he didn’t even get the language right!

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