Prime Time Drama

Another reality TV romance gone bad…REAL bad.  What started out as Prime Time Love has now gone The War of the Roses for former Dallas Cowboys star Deion (Primetime) Sanders and his estranged wife Pilar, 38.  The judge released a gag order this week and ever since the pair have been trading public jabs over an incident last month that landed Pilar in jail on family violence charges.  Deion was also issued a misdemeanor citation.

Deion chronicled the event in a series of bizarre posts on Twitter, one of which included a picture of him and his children filling out the police report.  The tweets have since been removed.

Courtesy: Yahoo Sports

The couple married in 1999 and have been estranged for several months, but were still living together in Sanders’ suburban Dallas home.  Clearly, cohabitation while divorcing was a bad idea for these two.  Pilar was forced to leave the home after a judge slapped her with a restraining order.  Deion has been granted temporary custody of their three children, who have been ordered to undergo psychological counseling.

To say that this is a messy divorce is an understatement.  Let’s just hope it ends peacefully, the children aren’t traumatized any more than they have been, and whatever comes next for Neon Deion, it doesn’t involve prime time television.  A Twitter vacation would also be well advised, at least until the divorce is final.  Otherwise, we may all need counseling.