You see me on the street. Or more likely, at the mall. I am fashionable, well-heeled, and freshly manicured. I drive an SUV and am likely wearing pearls. You may label me a typical midwestern housewife, but I hide an addiction few would guess from my appearance. I am madly, hopelessly, passionately obsessed…with football.

My name is Heather. I am an addict. And I am not alone.

Nielson ratings show that in 2012, the Super Bowl had higher ratings among women than the Academy Awards or the Grammys. Ipsos Public Affairs revealed that the number of women playing fantasy football doubled in 2011. It is the female fan that represents the fastest growing demographic in sports, yet there are a surprisingly small number of voices to represent her.

I am that voice.

My audience is women like me. Women who juggle families, careers, spa appointments, and manage to do it all…around the schedule of their favorite team.

I look forward to bonding with you.

Unless, of course…you don’t like football.

Then I just feel bad for you.

About the author

Heather Lloyd is a former news anchor who grew up in Minneapolis, studied broadcast journalism at the Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University, and now lives in Indianapolis with her husband, stepchildren, and pampered pooch.

A die-hard Colts, NFL, and college football fan, Ms. Lloyd is the author of two blogs, Pigskin ‘N Pearls™ and The Blue Mare™. She has been known to blow off barbecues, baby showers, and birthday parties to watch football.

And she isn’t sorry.



  1. Jodi Peckham says:

    Hi Heather. I hope to meet you in person some time soon. I, and my hubby Keith, have been neighbors ,but mostly we consider your parents our dear friends up in Show Low AZ for the last 8 years. I love your pigskin n pearls. I too, am a crazy football fan – love my Cardinals here at home. Having wine with Ms. Sue tonight. Love the family stories. Best wishes in your work. Love Jodi

    • Heather Lloyd says:

      Hi Jodi! Thanks so much for reading and I hope to meet you soon as well. I love Show Low and can’t wait to get back. Cardinals should be interesting this year! Can’t wait for the season to start. Stay in touch! XO

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