Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 12: Some Football Bling

Here we are…at Day 12! And every girl loves something sparkly in her stocking, around her neck, or on her finger. So on this, the Twelfth Day of Pigskin, give your true football fan…some true football bling!

You didn’t really think you were going to get off without the bling, did you? The good news is…bling comes in many different forms. The bad news is…not all are created equal. So, here we go…

If you just want to put something fun in her stocking, you have many options. Truthfully, we love anything that sparkles. You can start with the NFL Shop for some nice options, like this crystal stacked ring set by LogoArt.

Colts Stacked Ring Set

Colts Stacked Ring Set

They also have some great earrings, necklaces, and bracelets in crystal, sterling silver, and 10K gold designs.

Now, if you want something for under the tree…you’re in a different ballgame entirely. But…don’t panic. You also have many options and price ranges here. If her team logo is a horseshoe, a star, a bird, a flag…you shouldn’t have a hard time finding authentic designs in precious metal and stones at a local jeweler. Take Indianapolis Jeweler Reis Nichols for example. They have an entire Colts collection called Go Blue, available in stores and online.

If her team logo is a Viking, Packer, or Steeler…your ready made options may be fewer. But, what about a diamond necklace with the number of her favorite player? Neiman Marcus has this collection from KC Designs, featuring numbers 0-9.

Diamond Number Necklace

Diamond Number Necklace

Her favorite player is number 12? Well…that will cost you a little more!

You do have one more option though. If you can’t find something football related…get her something pretty, that reflects her style, and sparkles like her eyes. And give it to her with tickets to the game!

These will do…

Diamond Stud Earrings

Diamond Stud Earrings

Or, you could get something custom made. For next year…

Happy Holidays from Pigskin ‘N Pearls!


Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 11: Team Jersey from All Sport Couture

Patriots Wildkat Jersey from All Sport Couture

You know what I’m thankful for this season? That team attire has come a long way for women. No longer is the traditional women’s jersey (the smaller pink version of the men’s jersey) a staple in the wardrobe of the female football fan. Yes, today women have many options when it comes to representing their team…in style.

So on this, the Eleventh Day of Pigskin, I give you another fabulous way for your true football fan to wear her team pride on her sleeve…a fashionable jersey from All Sport Couture. All Sport Couture is a new name in the team merchandise game. Started in Indianapolis by a former fashion executive, All Sport Couture debuted its line in the NFL’s Fit For You Style Lounges this season.

The jerseys (if you can call them that) are modern, chic, and flattering. They come in varying styles for all 32 NFL teams. And good news…the next step for All Sport Couture is to launch a college line. We say…the more, the merrier!

Talk about team wear that can take her from day to night…

Back of Wildkat Jersey

You can shop the collection at the NFL Shop or Lady Fanatics. And make sure you do! The playoffs are right around the corner, and she knows that the best team wins on the field…but the best dressed fans win in the stands.

Happy Holidays!


Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 10: Team Handbag

New York Giants Handbag by Anastasio Moda

Alright, I warned you it was coming. On this, the Tenth Day of Pigskin, give your true football fan a handbag that represents her true love…her football team. But I’m not talking about any old handbag. Because she’s not any old girl. Right? Say it louder…RIGHT?!

The NFL does very well with women, more so than other sports. Of its large fan base, females make up almost 45%. And the marketing geniuses at the NFL headquarters in Manhattan figured out that if they made merchandise for women that was fashionable, stylish, and high quality…we would use it for gameday and everyday.

Enter Angelo Anastasio. He grew up in Italy, came to the United States on a soccer scholarship and played professionally for the New York Cosmos. And lucky for us…he stayed. After working in sports marketing and branding, he launched Anastasio Moda to pursue his true passion, designing beautiful, high quality, handcrafted accessories.

The NFL discovered Anastasio’s talent, drafted him…and the rest is history.

Green Bay Packers Handbag by Anastasio Moda

Anastasio Moda handbags are designed for the American football fan, but handmade in Italy. You can shop the collection online at the NFL Shop and if you hurry…you can get 20% off and free shipping. The current Anastasio Moda line includes 15 of the 32 NFL teams. If her team isn’t one of them…it’ll save you a few bucks (or a few hundred)! And you do have other stylish options…like this one.

Vikings Handbag by Concept One

Stylish? Check. Fashionable? Check. Something we would use every day? Check. The NFL scored a touchdown on this one.

And now, you can score a touchdown with her! Or, at least a first down. The rest is up to you…

Happy Holidays!


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Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 9: Game Day Heels from HERSTAR

HERSTAR Team Color Suede Pumps

It’s a good assumption that your true female football fan loves shoes. Why? Because we’re women…that’s why. And just like you collect beer mugs or sports memorabilia…we collect shoes. And handbags (I’ll get to that tomorrow…hint!).

So on this, the Ninth Day of Pigskin…combine her passion for football and footwear with a pair of HERSTAR heels. HERSTAR was founded in 2007 and is now a global leader in women’s sports merchandising, including a partnership with the NBA.

The football line consists of some college specific teams, along with color schemes that match most college or NFL team uniforms. They also feature custom designs, like this pair, that can be personalized with the number of her favorite player.

Team Player Pumps

Fabulous? Yes. Practical? No.

So, Prince Charming…you may have to drop Cinderella off at the stadium. But, she’ll make it worth your while. Especially after buying her these shoes…

Pigskin Heel

Shop for your true football fan. And make sure to read the size guidelines. You don’t want her to lose one on the way out…

Happy Holidays!


Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 8: Fashionable Game Day Attire from Meesh & Mia

Spirit Biker Jacket from Meesh & Mia

Confession: It’s hard for me to get excited about something until I know what I’m wearing. Game day is no exception. It’s like it’s not happening…until I have my outfit picked. And only then can I really look forward to it.

So on this, the Eighth Day of Pigskin, give her game day attire she can feel good in, be excited about, and look forward to wearing…from our friends at Meesh & Mia. Launched in 2010 with 12 schools, Meesh & Mia styles college football fans in fashionable apparel that can take them from work day to game day…to night on the town.

Sequins from Meesh & Mia

The University line consists of scarves, leggings, dresses, sweaters, jackets, belts, sequins, and more sequins…all in school colors. And items can be ordered with or without a logo. Did I mention the sequins?

Meesh & Mia, named for the founder’s daughters, now has 135 school licenses and is getting ready for a big 2013…starting with a Superbowl line and moving into a fully licensed NFL collection to launch in late spring. Happy New Year to us!

Because isn’t that all we really want? To cheer for our team…and look good doing it? Football doesn’t award points for style, but female fans do. And Meesh & Mia wants us to be winners every week.

Shop for your true football fan at: Not sure what to buy? Gift cards are a perfect fit and fit perfectly in her stocking!

Happy Holidays!