Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 7: Doggie Fanwear from Manic for Dogs

Vikings Sweater from Manic for Dogs

Who greets you happily at the door…whether your team won or lost? Who curls up on the couch with you to watch the game…even when it’s barely watchable? Who puts up with your cheering, screaming, and carrying on all season long…but loves you anyway?

I’m not talking about your wife or girlfriend (though she may too), I’m talking about your best friend…your dog. When your team wins and you’re happy…they’re happy. When your team loses and you’re sad…they’re sad. Your dog is by your side through it all…and that makes them a true football fan in my book (or my blog).

So on this, the Seventh Day of Pigskin, don’t forget your furry friend. As crazy as you are about football, Manic for Dogs is about man’s best friend. So when it comes to spoiling them, look no further. Reward your dog for their loyalty to you and your team with their own NFL jersey or hoodie from Manic for Dogs. And throw in a toy while you’re at it!

After all…why should mascots have all the fun?

Go to and click on “Dog Sports – All Sporty” to shop. They represent all breeds and all teams, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let them know…they’ll fetch it!

Happy Holidays!


My Furry Colts Fans

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Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 6: Haute Handmade Hat from Petal Chic Boutique

Dallas Cowboys Hat from Petal Chic Boutique

We’re halfway through the Twelve Days of Pigskin: Gifts for Your True Football Fan. Today, I give you the gift she can wear any day from game day to bad hair day…a stylish military hat from Petal Chic Boutique, hand designed for her favorite team.

Petal Chic Boutique has a selection of college and NFL teams to pick from. Don’t see her team? No problem…they can do custom orders for any team. And you can request additional bling…how about the number of her favorite player in rhinestones on the back?

Whatever the case, whoever her team…get on it! The clock is ticking…

Go to and check out their Team Flowers collection (or any collection for that matter). Because any day she doesn’t have to do her hair is a gift indeed!

Happy Holidays!


Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 5: One Dozen College Roses

The College Rose Collection by FTD

Did her favorite college team make it to a bowl game? Better yet, are they playing in the BCS National Championship Game? Or, is their season over and she’s disappointed, but still a die hard fan? All are great reasons to send flowers. But the best reason to send flowers is no reason at all.

On this, the Fifth Day of Pigskin, I give you FTD’s College Rose Collection. Available for more than 50 teams, the collection features bicolor roses in school colors, with a logo etched vase, delivered in a collegiate gift box. If that doesn’t say true football fan…I don’t know what does.

And if your team beats her team? Then you better make it two dozen…and add some bling!

You can order the College Rose Collection at

Happy Holidays!


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Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day Four: Team iPhone Cover

Broncos iPhone Cover

What is the one thing your true football fan has on them at all times? Their iPhone…right? So, what better place to show their team pride and protect their sacred device…all at the same time.

Whatever your iAddiction…iPhone, iPad, iPod…FOOTBALL FANATICS has got you covered. Literally. They have fantastic looking cases and covers for all 32 NFL teams (yes, even the bad ones) and a huge selection of college teams as well. Hard, soft…whatever your preference (insert inappropriate joke).

They also have coordinating skins, headphones, and speakers to boot.

Go to: to hook your true football fan up, just in time for the playoffs. If you spend $50 or more, you get free 3-day shipping (use code: freeship50)…so hook yourself up while you’re at it!

Happy Holidays!


Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day Three: Get Flasky

Designer Flasks by Get Flasky

Sometimes a girl just needs a drink. Especially when she’s watching football. And sometimes beer or wine just won’t do…

On this, the third day of Pigskin, we feature flasks by Indianapolis artist Ashten Houpt, who found herself struggling to go out with friends on her starving artist budget. Houpt launched Get Flasky out of necessity and now runs an empire of designer flasks in fun, ladylike, and custom designs. But she still stashes her flask.

And now your true football fan can mix her own Hot Toddy while tailgating, at the game, or out enjoying holiday festivities.

But…only if she’s 21. And responsible. And you’re driving.

You can find Ashten Houpt’s designs at

Happy Holidays!