We’re Crushing: On Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder on the 2014 ESPN Body issue   (Photo: ESPN Magazine)

Prince Fielder on the 2014 ESPN Body Issue
(Photo: ESPN Magazine)

ESPN’s 2014 Body Issue comes out this week. And prior to its release, some of the covers have been strategically leaked. One coverboy drawing great interest is Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder.

Much like the Dove real beauty campaign, Prince Fielder has put a new shape on a magazine…only this time, for males. Posing nude, Fielder proudly represents the men with buddha abs, toddler thighs, and sweet cheeks (four of them).

As a female with a backside, the one (and only) thing I can thank the Kardashians for is changing the image of a woman’s body in society. See ya, Kate Moss! Don’t let the door hit your skeletal ass on the way out…

No, you probably won’t see Prince Fielder wearing skinny jeans and Uggs like some of the cool cats we know. But, as women have discovered…skinny jeans are not for everyone.

Representing the National Football League are Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald…

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald (Photo: ESPN Magazine)

Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald
(Photo: ESPN Magazine)

And giving new meaning to BEASTMODE, Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch (who, funny enough, is too shy to speak to the media).

Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch  (Photo: ESPN Magazine)

Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch
(Photo: ESPN Magazine)

I personally love Prince Fielder’s cover. I think he’s adorable. And I love ESPN for using it.

It also backs up my theory that baseball players are the least athletic and most overpaid athletes in professional sports. But, that’s just me.

Still, Fielder hits a home run as a model.

Because happy and confident is always sexy.


We’re crushing: on Brandon Marshall

Bears stylemaster Brandon Marshall. (Photo: @cjzero)

Bears stylemaster Brandon Marshall
(Photo: @cjzero)

The evening belonged to Coach Ditka. But Chicago Bears wide receiver Brandon Marshall certainly stole the spotlight when he showed up for the Bears’ Monday Night Football game at Soldier Field.

Known for his swag, both on the field and off, Marshall has already established himself as an NFL style icon. But on Monday night…he broke the swag meter.

(Photo: @BuzzFeedSports)

(Photo: @BuzzFeedSports)

Marshall was absolutely styling in a red double-breasted coat with a “turnt up” collar, complete with dress shirt, bow tie, matching gloves, and specs.

And he didn’t disappoint on the field either. Marshall had with six catches for 100 yards in the Bears’ 45-28 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

With game time temperatures hovering around 15 degrees (and below zero with windchill), Marshall proved no match for the Cowboys or the elements.

The colder it is…the hotter he gets.

Brandon Marshall. Swagmaster.


We’re crushing: On Vernon Davis

Vernon Davis, as featured in ESPN's Bodies issue.

Vernon Davis, as featured in ESPN’s Body issue 2013.

Vernon Davis is hot. I’ve been meaning to write about the tight end for the San Francisco 49ers (and his tight end) ever since ESPN featured him in its 2013 Body issue.

Nicknamed “Duke” after his father, he is more commonly known as “The Duke.” And rightfully so. Davis caught his 50th career touchdown against the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, moving him into fourth place in the 49ers records book.

Yes, Vernon Davis is super. Maybe even superhuman. He was a sprinter in college and can leap over large humans (which he did on Sunday) and probably tall buildings too. But, even Superman has his kryptonite.

Davis was rendered powerless on Sunday when Rams safety T.J. McDonald brought him down by his…member. And tried to dismembered him.

“I kept telling him, ‘Let go, get off me, get off me,’ and he wouldn’t let me go.”                       -49ers tight end Vernon Davis

Talk about a low blow.

Davis appeared to recover a few minutes later. But, he doesn’t appear ready to forgive or forget. On Monday, Davis tweeted a proposal to the NFL to ban such tactless tackles.

(Photo: Fox Sports/Laces Out)

He deleted the tweet shortly after. And the NFL has not addressed the topic (at least publicly). So, in the meantime, Davis may want to add some extra protection when leaping both buildings and humans.

Vernon Davis is well on his way to football royalty.

But, please…keep your hands off the family jewels.

Lest “The Duke” will have you beheaded.


We’re Crushing: On Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel

What happens when you’re really, really ridiculously good looking and your helmet gets knocked off during a football play? If you’re Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel…this.

Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel with the sexiest football photo ever. (Photo: Getty/Jonathan Daniel)

Notre Dame running back Cam McDaniel with the sexiest football photo ever.
(Photo: Getty/Jonathan Daniel)

McDaniel, a junior, rushed for a career high 92 yards during the Irish’s win over the USC Trojans last weekend. But it wasn’t until this shot went viral that he became an instant internet star.

There’s just something about the way he’s breaking tackles, gently cradling the ball, and doing so while staring deep into your soul…with chiseled features, perfectly mussed hair, and sexy smirk to boot.

Usually when a football player loses his helmet, he looks like he lost a few marbles with it. Lately, every time I see the Texans’ J.J. Watt, he’s bleeding profusely from some opening on his face…either organic or man made.

But Cam McDaniel makes football look easy, sexy, and stylish.

If the NFL thing doesn’t work out, the boy’s already got a guaranteed backup plan as a male model.

But this weekend, it’s all about game day and McDaniel will be focused on beating Air Force Academy.

And I’m hoping “Blue Steel” is in his playbook.


We’re Crushing: On J.J. Watt

(Photo: memecrunch.com)

(Photo: memecrunch.com)

If I was going to send J.J. Watt a cheesy message, it would go something like this:

Me: Heyyyyy, J.J….Watt’s up?

His imagined response: Not much babe. Just working on my bod.

Me: Well, keep it up. Cuz you are looking goooood!

J.J.: Funny. Was just going to tell you that. In fact…

And let’s just cut it off right there, shall we?

Justin James Watt is known as one of the biggest, baddest defenders in the National Football League. At 6’5” and 295 pounds, the Houston Texans defensive end is known for his wingspan and large mitts, so much so…that it earned him the nickname “J.J. Swatt,” courtesy of ESPN commentator and former coach Jon Gruden. Although my college sorority sister, Shannon, prefers J.J. Hott. I’m with her.

When preparing to face him, the defensive players of the New England Patriots have been known to hold tennis racquets up during practice to simulate Watt’s impact on the offense. With 20 quarterback sacks last season, that’s what you call making a racket!

And you know what they say about big hands…

(Photo: Getty)

(Photo: Getty)

Big ball security risk.