All Sport Couture poised for breakout second season

It’s all about the sophomore season. Just ask Andrew Luck. Or Russell Wilson. Or Ryan Tannehill.

And no one knows that better than Lena Ward, owner of women’s fanwear clothing line All Sport Couture. The Zionsville, Indiana mother and wife of Indianapolis Colts Chief Operating Officer Pete Ward, made a huge splash her rookie season in the NFL.


I was invited to preview her new line during a promotional photo shoot last week. When I asked her about the pressure to perform this season, Ward said she hadn’t really made the comparison to Andrew Luck. And for good reason.

“To me, it’s just continual. It’s not one season to the next. It’s just continual and it flows.”  -Lena Ward, owner of All Sport Couture

Any good team will tell you, flow is important.

One of my favorite things about the new collection...thumbholes!

One of my favorite things about the new collection…thumbholes!

Ward says the focus this season was not on starting over, but building on what they already had. And she wants fans to do the same.

“We want people to build and create almost little collections, where they can interchange a couple of our pieces and it’s not done after one season. And that’s important to me, that you can continue to wear it after just one season.”  -Lena Ward

And a little more inclusive as well. This season’s styles are a little more forgiving. Even if the fans wearing them are not.

And it’s versatile. This is wear anywhere fanwear that can take you from work day to game day to night on the town. And it’s just as wearable on Tuesday as it is on Sunday.

“Take one of the tops, pair it with a suit. Or, one of the jackets to go out on a Friday night….you can really dress it up.” -Lena Ward

All Sport Couture wants to you to “wear your passion.” Because great fashion is always in season.

 All Sport Couture’s new collection will be arriving soon at the NFL Shop, Fanatics, in pro shops, and other retailers. And, you can always find it at

I predict season two ends at the Super Bowl for the All Sport Couture team. Because, well…in addition to the seven new pieces she’s designed, Ward also has three styles specifically for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Fabulous. Fashionable. Fanwear.


What better way to get behind your team?


Note: Thanks to Lena Ward for the invitation. To Photographer Matt Bowen for his tips and images. And to lovely models Julia, StefanieMakinzee, and Crystal AnneIf you want to feel great about yourself, spend an evening with four Colts cheerleaders. Ha! They even eat pizza. And you can’t hate them, because they’re as sweet as they are beautiful.