Mark Sanchez: Pants on the ground

You’re coming off the worst season of your professional career. Your team just drafted a new quarterback. And your coach called your performance during minicamp a “disappointment.”

So, how does New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez choose to spend the summer?

Disclosure: the following photo may be inappropriate for some readers.

Looks like Mark Sanchez fumbled his pants

Looks like Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez fumbled his pants

Partying. With his pants down.

The video was posted on the The Vine by one of Sanchez’s two females guests, but it has since been removed. Good thing someone took this screen shot.

There isn’t much more to say, except…at least it wasn’t Rex Ryan.

And Mark has a cute bun…

In his hair.


NY Ink

Jets Coach Rex Ryan Sunbathing in the Bahamas

Rex Ryan. The Bahamas. A tattoo. A photographer. Social media. This is what twitter was made for. Thank you, God.

Yes, that is a tattoo on Jets Coach Rex Ryan’s arm…of what appears to be his wife, Michelle, wearing a Mark Sanchez jersey (and nothing else). She also appears to be Tebowing.

ESPN (Mike & Mike)

Closeup of Ryan’s Ink

What more is there to say? This pretty much answers any lingering questions I had about the Jets season and Ryan’s decision making at quarterback. Wonder if Tim Tebow knows about this. He certainly does now!

There are questions regarding the tattoo and its authenticity. But even if it’s temporary, I still have the same question…why?

ESPN writer Jane McManus had quite possibly the best reaction to this morning’s story.

If it didn’t qualify before, this now throws the Jets into full-fledged circus mode. Ryan is ridiculous and clearly part of (if not all of) the reason no one can take this team seriously.

I never thought seeing Rex Ryan shirtless could bring me this much pleasure. Well, maybe pleasure is a bad choice of word. Entertainment is better.

I couldn’t write this stuff. Thankfully, I can write about it.

Stay classy, Rex. Stay classy.





Another storm coming to the East Coast. This one is Tim…as in Tebow

Jets Quarterback Tim Tebow

As the East Coast takes a beating from Hurricane Sandy, our thoughts and prayers are with those affected.  May they reclaim their lives and livelihoods and return to everyday life just as soon as possible.

To those in and around New York, I add a caution: Be prepared.  Because, there’s another storm coming in its path.  And this one is high pressure and slow moving.  It’s been brewing for months now and we’ve seen it coming for weeks.

You know how tropical storms are named, right?  Alphabetical and alternating gender?  Well, the next one is male…and it starts with a T.  That’s right…it’s Tim.  As in…Tebow.  And it’s not going away quietly.

Here’s where we’re at…The New York Jets go into their bye week at 3-5.  Their best offensive and defensive players are out for the season.  Quarterback Mark Sanchez can’t seem to do anything right.  Head Coach Rex Ryan has never been an outspoken proponent of backup Quarterback Tim Tebow, and has in fact, taken every opportunity to support Sanchez as his starter.  In the meantime, the chants for Tebow are getting louder and more frequent each week, hitting a new crescendo during Sunday’s 30-9 loss to the Miami Dolphins at home.

Seeing as this is an election year, and everyone wants to blame someone…is Jets owner Woody Johnson to blame for all of this?  It was Johnson after all, who wanted to pursue Tim Tebow when the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning and chose to release him.

If you believe the reports, Tebow was offered a choice: Jacksonville or New York.  Many people (myself included) thought Jacksonville was a no-brainer for Tebow.  The Jaguars were a young team with some veteran talent, in need of a quarterback and leader.  Tebow grew up near Jacksonville, played for Florida, where he won a national championship for the Gators and the Heisman Trophy for himself (the first sophomore ever to do so).  He already had a fan base and could fill EverBank Field immediately, rescuing the Jaguars from the days of empty seats and blacked out games.  It was perfect.  Maybe, too perfect.

Tebow instead chose the Jets.  A team that had unsuccessfully pursued Manning, then recommitted to their current (albeit shaky) quarterback, Mark Sanchez, by signing him to a three year contract extension.  Maybe Tebow felt like the Jaguars (under new ownership and a new coach) were unstable.  Maybe he wasn’t ready to go back to Florida.  Maybe, as some have suggested, he felt like the bright lights of Broadway could shine a bigger spotlight on his true love, his faith and his foundation.  Whatever the case, Tebow chose the Jets.  And the rest is history (actually, more like reality television) being written week by week.

So what happens next?  Is there a standoff between Rex Ryan and Woody Johnson?  Is the cure for what’s ailing the Jets someone who isn’t yet on the roster?

All I know is this…you don’t get to be a millionaire (or in Johnson’s case a billionaire) by investing in something and dumping it before giving it a chance to show its worth.

I’m not saying Tim Tebow is the savior of the Jets.  But for the love of God and all things holy…let’s find out!  What do the Jets have to lose at this point?

Woody Johnson, 1.  Rex Ryan, 0.

Now brace yourselves…the storm is coming.


Who’s keeping Tebow from starting for Jets? Could it be…Satan?

NY Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez

2012 has not been good to New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez so far.  Yes, he got Eva Longoria.  But his quarterback play has been dismal.  There’s a growing chorus for Tebow Time that seems to get louder every week.  And now, he’s being demonized.  Literally.

Sanchez wears number 6.  So far this season, he has 6 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.  He is averaging 6.6 yards per attempt, his longest pass is 66 yards, and his passer rating is 66.6.  I checked, guys.  It’s true.

And here is the tweet put out by his teammate and backup (for now) quarterback, Tim Tebow prior to the Jets’ Monday night loss against the Texans:

Remember Tim Tebow’s eery bible verse numbers during the Broncos playoff win over the Steelers last January?  Tebow passed for 316 yards, had 31.6 yards per pass, and Sports Business Journal reported television ratings for the last quarter at 31.6.

NY Jets Backup Quarterback Tim Tebow

John 3:16 is Tim Tebow’s favorite Bible verse.  It reads: “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

So, what is Mark Sanchez to do?  Go to church…fast.  And start playing better.  Preferably, both.

Otherwise, Jets fans may be calling for Tebow Time.  And an exorcism.


Coffee Cup Quarterback | Week 4: The One With the Real Refs

Week 4 of the NFL season welcomed back the regular officials to standing ovations in every stadium.  It was a honeymoon of sorts…into about the second quarter of every game.  Then they were the same old refs we love to hate.  The games went faster though and I’ll take bad or missed calls by someone who knows the rules any day.

There are a few lingering questions this season and week 4 certainly didn’t put them to rest.

The first, “What’s wrong with the New York Jets?”  Or better yet, “What isn’t wrong with the New York Jets?”  They lost their best defensive player, Cornerback Darrelle Revis last week.  This week they lost Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes, arguably their best offensive player.

And they lost Tim Tebow.  He’s not hurt, they just can’t find him.  On the bench.  Seriously, though…what happened to Tebow Time?  You’re losing 34-0 at home.  And getting booed.  That is the secret recipe for Tim Tebow.  That’s where the magic of Tebow Time happens.  Did Rex Ryan not watch the Broncos last year?

It was speculated that with Sanchez’s confidence at an all time low (how is that even possible when you’re dating Eva Longoria?), Jets Coach Rex Ryan doesn’t want to add to the pressure and create a quarterback controversy.  But he does want to win, right?  During the post game press conference on Sunday, Ryan was asked about the Jets’ quarterback situation and replied, “I think Mark’s the answer.”  Alrighty then.  Think is not know though.  And if you’re worried about Sanchez’s feelings, maybe you should have thought about that before you pursued Peyton Manning, then brought in Tim Tebow in the offseason.  Just saying…

Let’s move on to Dallas.  The Cowboys are another team no one can figure out and they also lost badly at home this week.  Yes, five turnovers will do it.  But I’m only putting half of those on Tony Romo.  Dez Bryant gets two.  And they can share one.  Romo is a very good quarterback who needs some more weapons.  But don’t say that word around Dez Bryant.  And don’t even start with the quarterback controversy.  Kyle Orton?  Please.

I am going to go out on a limb here and call a coaching controversy in the Cowboys’ near future.  I like Jason Garrett, but it doesn’t appear to me that he has the control or confidence of his team right now.  You know who does?  Rob Ryan.  In fact, towards the end of the game on Monday night, Ryan had to tell Garrett to challenge a call he wasn’t aware he could challenge.  The only complaint I have about Ryan is he cut his hair and looks a little less badass now.  Anyway, keep an eye on this one.  You heard it here first.

And for depressed Cowboys fans, there is this…

Speaking of quarterbacks on Monday Night Football, who saw Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler blow off his offensive coordinator, Mike Tice on the sideline?  Cutler was on the bench after one of few unsuccessful possessions against the Cowboys and Tice sat down next to him with his clipboard.  Cutler got up and left.  Then walked away from him on the sideline.  I am no Mike Tice fan.  But I am no Jay Cutler fan either.  And don’t give me the whole, he’s just a competitive guy thing.  Being respectful costs nothing.  But being an ass can cost a lot.  I’m not talking about how great Jay Cutler’s arm looked, am I?  See…

So there you have it, week 4.  A coiffed Rob Ryan and a skinny Rex Ryan?  Maybe that’s what’s wrong with the Cowboys and Jets…