Ladies, get your game on…in style!

NFL Colts Style Lounge at Lucas Oil Stadium

The National Football League wants to make it easier than ever for female fans to look stylish in their favorite team colors.  And not just for game day!  Because today’s team fashions are just that…fashionable.

Gone are the days of oversized jerseys or smaller pink jerseys on women.  With females making up 45% of the NFL’s fans, team apparel has come a long way.  And the NFL wants to show you just how far it’s come.

The NFL brought its Fit For You Style Lounge to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Sunday.  The pop up boutique was located inside the stadium and featured some of the newest and most fashionable women’s Colts apparel and accessories.  Every way to show your team spirit…including Colts manicures and fan photo opportunities.

I shopped the store with my mom before the Colts/Browns game and we both found fun, new Colts stuff.  Some of it we had seen before, but some was brand new.  Alyssa Milano’s Touch by AM line was well represented and has always been one of our favorites.  A new name to women’s fan wear, All Sport Couture, made its debut with fitted tops fashioned for game day or date night.  The high-end line was started by Indianapolis designer Lena Ward and carries a higher price tag than some fans are used to paying to show their team spirit…but for couture, it’s still a bargain!

The one day event left me wanting more…more apparel (which you can now shop online at the NFL women’s shop), and more events like this.  I am hoping the Fit for You Colts Style Lounge will make a return appearance next season, and judging by the turnout, I would assume so.  Better yet, let’s make it a permanent addition (calling Mr. Irsay…).  In the meantime, there may be one coming to a stadium near you!

Check out the Fit for You Style Lounge in your NFL city:

Detroit Lions, October 28th

New Orleans Saints, November 5th

Kansas City Chiefs, November 17th

St. Louis Rams, November 18th

San Diego Chargers, December 2nd

I love to see the NFL doing special stuff for the ladies.  They’ve finally figured out who their best fans are.  Or at least, their best looking fans!  Either way, our message to the NFL and Commissioner Roger Goodell is…we love it!  And we want more!

Females, fashion, and football…does it get any better than that?


The Better Sex

I have a theory.  Women are better football fans.  Nothing against men…I love men, I really do.  I just think women make better fans.  We can’t help it.  It’s something in our make up (no, I don’t mean makeup), it’s in our DNA.

There are several reasons for this, one of which is that women approach their role as sports fans much like they do their other relationships in life.  Loyal, compassionate, forgiving…it makes us good friends, family members, lovers, and fans.  And maybe I’m stereotyping here, but I also think women are less selfish and more prone to bask in the glory of someone else’s victory.  We are great cheerleaders.  Now before the feminists go wild, let me just clarify this.  It’s not that women aren’t competitive, because they are (and sometimes a lot more than men).  Women can go out and compete in practically any sport, yes, even football (see Independent Women’s Football League and Women’s Football Alliance).  But in life, we often find ourselves on the sidelines cheering someone else on.  And the reality is…we’ve gotten really good at it.

The maternal instinct also translates well into the female fan role.  The female species is known for being fiercly protective of its family, hence the term “Mama Grizzly.”  And likewise with their sports teams.  Anyone who’s ever criticized Peyton Manning in my presence knows what I’m talking about…grrrr!  I don’t even care that he’s a Bronco now.  And I double dog dare you to take the Manning name in vain in front of my mother!  Or Aaron Rodgers with my friend Kelly?  Trust me, don’t even go there.

A recent survey revealed 42% of the NFL’s fan base is made up of women.  That’s something the NFL has long recognized and is responding to.  Rather than the old “shrink it and pink it” philosophy, there are now pages of female fan wear on the NFL website, along with the online stores of every individual team.  Victoria’s Secret got in on the action with its wildly successful Pink line for both NFL and NCAA football (and we love it!).  And speaking of pink, the NFL and the Players Association have teamed up with the American Cancer Society and embraced Breast Cancer Awareness Month every October for the last three years.  The Crucial Catch campaign raises awareness about early detection and outfits our favorite players in various pink accessories, which are then auctioned off to raise money for the cause.

The better sex?  Maybe.  Better fans?  Definitely!  But don’t worry, men.  We love you…flaws and all.  Just like our teams.


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