Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 7: Doggie Fanwear from Manic for Dogs

Vikings Sweater from Manic for Dogs

Who greets you happily at the door…whether your team won or lost? Who curls up on the couch with you to watch the game…even when it’s barely watchable? Who puts up with your cheering, screaming, and carrying on all season long…but loves you anyway?

I’m not talking about your wife or girlfriend (though she may too), I’m talking about your best friend…your dog. When your team wins and you’re happy…they’re happy. When your team loses and you’re sad…they’re sad. Your dog is by your side through it all…and that makes them a true football fan in my book (or my blog).

So on this, the Seventh Day of Pigskin, don’t forget your furry friend. As crazy as you are about football, Manic for Dogs is about man’s best friend. So when it comes to spoiling them, look no further. Reward your dog for their loyalty to you and your team with their own NFL jersey or hoodie from Manic for Dogs. And throw in a toy while you’re at it!

After all…why should mascots have all the fun?

Go to and click on “Dog Sports – All Sporty” to shop. They represent all breeds and all teams, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let them know…they’ll fetch it!

Happy Holidays!


My Furry Colts Fans

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  1. Susan Hill says:

    Love the picture of your dogs or should I say my Granddogs! I have to say though, one doesn’t look too much like a willing fan. He needs to get over Peyton being gone and his “Luck” will change!!


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