Twelve Days of Pigskin | Day 9: Game Day Heels from HERSTAR

HERSTAR Team Color Suede Pumps

It’s a good assumption that your true female football fan loves shoes. Why? Because we’re women…that’s why. And just like you collect beer mugs or sports memorabilia…we collect shoes. And handbags (I’ll get to that tomorrow…hint!).

So on this, the Ninth Day of Pigskin…combine her passion for football and footwear with a pair of HERSTAR heels. HERSTAR was founded in 2007 and is now a global leader in women’s sports merchandising, including a partnership with the NBA.

The football line consists of some college specific teams, along with color schemes that match most college or NFL team uniforms. They also feature custom designs, like this pair, that can be personalized with the number of her favorite player.

Team Player Pumps

Fabulous? Yes. Practical? No.

So, Prince Charming…you may have to drop Cinderella off at the stadium. But, she’ll make it worth your while. Especially after buying her these shoes…

Pigskin Heel

Shop for your true football fan. And make sure to read the size guidelines. You don’t want her to lose one on the way out…

Happy Holidays!