I used to like the Buccaneers…

Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano with (former) quarterback Josh Freeman (Photo: Zelevansky/Getty)

Buccaneers coach Greg Schiano with (former) quarterback Josh Freeman
(Photo: Zelevansky/Getty)

I always liked the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Especially during the days of Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, and Warren Sapp. They were passionate, fun to watch, and always kept you guessing.

Now, well…they’ve certainly got us guessing.

First, head coach Greg Schiano comes in from Rutgers and decides that contrary to every other team in the NFL, his defense will not observe the victory formation (quarterback taking a knee to end the game), and decides instead to rush a defenseless player for sport. I thought Tom Coughlin’s head was going to explode when they bulldozed Eli Manning last season, knocking him over on a no-action play.

Schiano calls it “playing every down.” The rest of the league calls it classless. And poor sportsmanship.

And then there’s the ongoing drama with quarterback Josh Freeman, who Schiano didn’t just bench last week for rookie Mike Glennon, but deactivated him…so he couldn’t even be on the field during the game. The team has announced they’re looking for a trade. Interesting salesmanship, by the way.

And then, the latest. Somehow, it got out that Freeman is voluntarily enrolled in the NFL’s drug abuse program….for his ADHD medication. Apparently, he switched from one drug to another (which was banned) and has since taken 46 drug tests to prove he is in compliance.

The “slip” is a violation of HIPAA law and the NFL Players Association is looking into it.

Schiano has denied he had anything to do with Freeman’s confidential medical information getting into the hands of the media, even though he has been quick to put other things into their hands…including the fact that Freeman has missed team meetings on occasion and recently overslept, missing the team photo.

I’m not saying Schiano did leak the information. But, I’m also not saying he didn’t.

Clearly, Freeman has some issues to work out if he wants to be a quarterback in the NFL, especially a starting one. And he could use some help with his leadership skills. But then again, so could his head coach.

I don’t like Greg Schiano. I don’t think he’s good for his team. I don’t think he’s good for the NFL. And to be honest, I don’t think he’s good for sports.

Things may not be working out with Josh Freeman, but in case the Buccaneers haven’t noticed, it’s not working out with Greg Schiano either.

There was talk of trouble with newly signed star cornerback Darrelle Revis as well. Schiano doesn’t have the confidence or trust of his players, who could very well tank on the season to prove it. I hope they do. Starting with that asinine play to rush the quarterback.

I used to like the Buccaneers.

Now I just feel bad for them.